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Weligama - Mirissa

Weligama - Mirissa

Mirissa in southern Sri Lanka is regarded as the world’s top location for watching the Blue Whale, the largest animal to have inhabited our planet with sightings occurring on most mornings during the season which spans from November through to April. Encounters of mother and calves, pairs of males and females are recorded every season indicating that they are a resident subspecies of Blue Whale that roam the Indian Ocean and live year-round in these waters.

Pods of Spinner Dolphin are seen on most mornings while Bryde’s Whale, Orca, Risso’s Dolphin, Bottlenose Dolphin and Striped Dolphin are among the other species of cetaceans which are seen a few times each season. Migrating pods of Sperm Whales can be encountered around mid-March to April sometimes in large pods with over 30 individuals. Excursions typically average around 4-5 hours in duration and the boats usually return back to the harbour around noon.

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