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Tissamaharama popularly dubbed as ‘Tissa’ was created in the 3rd Century B.C. and was the capital of the southern province of Ruhunu. The Tissa Wewa along with the Menik Wehera and the Yatala Vehera which was believed to be a monastery complex also originated from this time. Another iconic landmark is the Tissa Dagaba built by King Kavantissa is believed to enshrine a forehead bone of the Buddha, although this claim is to be proved. Today, the Tissa Wewa is a popular bathing spot for locals, while boat rides are also offered where flocks of cormorants and other water birds can be seen. Close-by to Tissa is the larger Weerawila tank, where a greater diversity of birdlife, aquatic plants and other wildlife can be seen.

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