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Known as ‘Buono Vista’ during the colonial era due to its sweeping views is Rumassala, which lies on a rocky outcrop between the Galle harbor and Unawatuna beach. According to the legendary chronicle the ‘Ramayana’, Rumassala is believed to be a fragment of the Himalayas which was dropped by the Hindu deity Hanuman when he was carrying the herb needed to cure his wounded brother Lakshmana as he was making his way back to Lord Rama. Rumassala is presently declared as a sanctuary and the forest patches are of great interest to botanists as a variety of rare plants and medicinal herbs are found here. For panoramic views of the Galle Fort and the surrounding landscapes, one can visit the Japanese Peace Pagoda (Temple) on the hilly outcrop which should not be missed out on. Adjacent to Rumassala is Jungle Beach, which is a small but isolated stretch of beach accessed by a short trek through the forest that is a good location for swimming and snorkeling.

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