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Kottawa & Hiyare Rainforest and Arboretum

Kottawa & Hiyare Rainforest and Arboretum

Driving inland from Galle for about 30 minutes lays the Kottawa Rainforest. Walking along 1km long nature trail, one can spend the day observing the flora and fauna within this tropical rainforest. Adjacent to Kottawa is the Hiyare Rainforest where in addition to a walking trail there is also a scenic boat ride in the Hiyare Reservoir located within the Forest Reserve. Some of the endemic fauna which can be seen here include the Kangaroo Lizard, Sri Lanka Keelback Sri Lankan Green Pigeon, Ceylon Rose, Two-spotted Threadtail, Black Ruby Barb, Sri Lankan Green Pit Viper and the Sri Lanka Purple-faced Leaf Monkey while a large diversity of Amphibians have also been recorded here. There is also an Animal Rescue Centre within Hiyare where injured and orphaned animals are bought in and where possible are released back into the wild.

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