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4 Nights & 5 Days, Year-round itinerary


Upon arrival at the Bandaranaike International Airport, you will be met on arrival by a representative from Classic Sri Lanka and travel to the Runakanda Conservation Centre near Sinharaja.

In the afternoon, go on a guided rainforest walk with the resident naturalist along a nature trail within the Runakanda Reserve which borders the Sinharaja Forest Reserve. It is a top birding location where 28 of Sri Lanka’ 34 endemic species have been recorded including the recently discovered Serendib Scops Owl and other rarities such as the Sri Lanka Spurfowl, Chestnut-backed Owlet, and White-faced Starling. The mixed species bird flocks found moving through the rainforest canopy within Sinharaja are believed to be the longest studied and largest in the world, which is popularly dubbed as the Sinharaja Birdwave. Other species of fauna encountered during a rainforest walk include Purple-faced Leaf Monkey, Giant Squirrel, Kangaroo Lizard, Hump-nosed Lizard and Sri Lanka Keelback

Spend 01 night at the Runakanda Conservation Centre

Runakanda Conservation Centre

  • Room Cottage
  • Basis All Inclusive (All Meals, selected beverages and locally based excursions around the forested reserve).

Early morning, go on a guided nature walk covering a different part of the reserve in search of endemic flora and fauna.

Late morning, leave for the Kelburne Mountain View Cottage in Haputale.

In the afternoon, walk through tea fields while watching colorfully clad tea-pluckers and take a guided tour of a tea factory. n art developed during the British colonial period, some machines used date back over 100 years. The creation of black tea is an art form which has remained relatively unchanged for over a century.

Spend 01 night in Haputale.

Kelburne Mountain View Cottage, Haputale

  • Room Cottage
  • Basis Half Board

Make a pre-dawn start ad go on an early morning guided safari at the Uda Walawe National Park. Uda Walawe was declared as a national park in 1972 and was at one time, an area where destructive slash and burn chena cultivation was widespread. The area was declared as a national park with the intention of safeguarding the flora and fauna in the catchment area of the reservoir on the Walawe river. With ample water and rich nutrition from the scrub jungles and grasslands, Uda Walawe is a stronghold of the Asian Elephant and one of the best places to see them in the wild year-round. Grey Langur, Toque Macaque, Jackal, Mugger Crocodile and Spotted Deer are the other larger animals seen occasionally. Uda Walawe also has occasional sightings of Jungle Cat, an elusive medium sized feline. The park is an excellent biding destination too especially for dry-zone species and raptors. Changeable Hawk Eagle, Grey-headed Fishing Eagle, Crested Serpent Eagle, White-bellied Sea Eagle, Black-shouldered Kite, Shikra, Oriental Honey Buzzard, Common Kestrel and Brown Fish Owl are some of the raptors regularly encountered here.

Checkout after a late breakfast and leave for the Thejan Beach Cabanas in Induruwa in the outskirts of Bentota.

In the late afternoon, go on a scenic boat ride exploring the waterways and mangroves along the Bentota River. A variety of birdlife can be seen along with troops of Toque Macaques and Bengal Water Monitors where fully grown specimens can get to over 6 feet in length.

Spend 01 night in Bentota

Thejan Beach Cabana, Bentota

  • Room Beach Cabana
  • Basis Half Board

Early morning, travel with a packed breakfast to Horton Plains, Sri Lanka’s highest elevated national park lying approximately 7,000 feet above sea level and comprises of cloud forests and open grassland. Make an early morning start with a packed breakfast to Horton Plains National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and take a guided walk along the nature trails to a viewpoint known as World’s End with spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. On the walk back you can stop over to see the impressive Baker’s Falls in full flow. Sambar, Sri Lanka’s largest species of deer yare encountered regularly in the plains close to the entrance while the shaggy coated Bear Monkey (Highland race of the Purple-faced Leaf Monkey) is occasionally seen within the forested areas.

Afterwards, proceed to Uda Walawe stopping en-route at Waulpanne. Waulpanne is a limestone cave located in Bulutota Rakwana range, northwest of Embilipitiya. The meaning of Waulpanne in Sinhalese translates as the cave of bats and true to its name approximately 250,000 fruit bats that inhabit it. This cave is estimated to be over 500 million years old and contains stalactites and stalagmites, where you travel 300 metres underground to explore this prehistoric site. A few fossils are also visible in the cavern walls.

Afterwards, proceed to Uda Walawe, where you will stay overnight.

Wild Elephas Tented Camp, Uda Walawe

  • Room Luxury Tent
  • Basis Half Board

Early morning, participate in water sports on the Bentota River. Sheltered by a lagoon, the calm waters in the mouth of the Bentota River make it an ideal year-round destination for water sports. Activities such as jet skiing, water skiing, banana boat rides, wind surfing and kite surfing can be included for adults and children alike.

Check-out of your hotel at noon and leave for the Bandaranaike International Airport. A day room can be booked upon request closer to the airport depending on the scheduled flight time.

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