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Missing your family & friends back at Home? Are you a Dual Citizenship holder with a foreign passport? We can assist you with all your travel arrangements and the complete visit to Sri Lanka! We are among the first DMC’s to receive the ‘Safe & Secure Certification’ From The SLTDA. Our expert team has the skills & experience to assist you with all your travel while adhering to the safety procedures offering you complete peace of mind. Enjoy a 14-day quarantine-stay at a level 1 hotel, visit 14 approved tour sites and reunite with all your loved ones & friends to make it a memorable journey back home!
We Offer:
• Air Ticket Arrangements (from any country)
• Visa / ETA Procedures
• Airport Transfers
• Hotel Accommodation
• PCR Testing
• Travel Insurance (Total COVID Cover)
• Tours to Authorized Sites
• Anti -Body Tests – For Chinese Nationals

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