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Hatton is laden with tea plantations and factories along this picturesque countryside, which provides the ideal climate for high grown tea. Lush green mountains fade into the mist covered distance while waterfalls cascade and spiral down its breathtaking hillsides. Nestled within the hills, Hatton town continues with its day to day activities with a distinct lack of the hustle and bustle you may find in more crowded townships. The best way to reach Hatton is by train via Nanu Oya where the scenery is breathtaking. Travelling by car is also a pleasant journey as the road winds its way upwards through the magnificent hills of the countryside. Estate Tea Pluckers can be seen deftly plucking tea which they fill into large baskets carried on their backs. On the way, you will pass estate trucks, each embossed with their estate names, taking the freshly collected tea leaves to the factories for processing. Hatton is a good lay over if you are proposing to visit Adam’s Peak.

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