Sri Lanka Bytes- Mouthwatering dishes which are enjoyed with friends

Sri Lanka Bytes- Mouthwatering dishes which are enjoyed with friends

In Sri Lanka, snacks and finger food go hand in hand with a drink. Over time, many unique types of food have been linked or traditionally eaten while having a good drink with friends, or even among those who choose not to partake simply due to the amazing flavors and taste of these delicious dishes.

Here are some of these unique type of snacks which in Sri Lanka are referred simply as “Bytes” or “Bites”

Cocktail Mixture

The simplest and easiest byte one can get hands on is called cocktail mixture, which is a made out of chick pea flour, which are deep fried to bring a crunchy, crumbly texture. This is doused with salt, chilli powder, and addition of deep fried curry leaves, as well as fried nuts gives a tasty, salty, spicy and best of all gluten free snack which can be preserved and taken anywhere and enjoyed anytime.

Devilled Dishes

A very popular form of byte in Sri Lanka is a devilled dish. This can be made with any protein, from any type of meat from Beef, Chicken or Pork or even seafood such as fish and prawns. Its prepared by deep frying the protein, and then pan tossing with a generous amount of tomato ketchup, chilli flakes, onions, spring onions, capsicum chillies, tomatoes and any other addition one may like. A spicy and yet delicious treat.

Hot Butter Cuttle Fish

A “Sri Lankanized” rendition of a Chinese dish, this is one of the most popular and most delicious bytes out there. Prepared with the main ingredient which is calamari or cuttlefish, which are cut to a flower shape, mixed with corn flour and deep fried, and thereafter pan tossed in butter, spring onion, salt and chilli flakes and powder. Specialized by many “Sri Lankan” Chinese restaurants it became popular over time as a favorite byte while enjoying a drink with friends and family.

These are some of the many unique bytes and flavors which one can taste and experience when travelling in Sri Lanka.

Classic Destinations- Sri Lanka, has many unique experiences which include a seasoned host who takes you to many of the local bars and pubs whose kitchens produce these mouthwatering dishes for you to try.

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