Kidu – An all in one dish

Kidu – An all in one dish

A unique all in one meal that can serve an entire family. This dish is a speciality of the Sri Lankan Muslim Community. Best known from the Southern coastal region of Galle and Beruwala, this dish is much loved by all Sri Lankans.

This fragrant meal is laboriously prepared and consists of short-grain rice cooked in butter, screwpine and coconut milk.

Many variations are found, but kidu is often served with a side of sweet onion and capsicum pickle, dhal (lentils) curry, fried beef or chicken, beef curry, and kaliya, which is a mixed dish of ash plantain, fried eggplant and chicken liver. Although most commercial kidu will leave out the chicken liver.

Kidu is sold in a woven basket made of coconut leaves fall through, and the gravies and accompaniments all poured right onto the rice in different spots making the whole thing completely biodegradable.

Though one can serve one desired quantity to a plate and enjoy, the traditional way to enjoy a Kidu is to sit down on the ground on mats and eat from the Kidu itself using one hand. This is a cultural tradition that brings the community together. Unfortunately with the ravages of COVID-19, such practices may not be prevalent in the near future.

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