An adventure to the Nitro Caves of the Knuckles Mountains

An adventure to the Nitro Caves of the Knuckles Mountains

The nitro cave is a large cave network, well hidden in the Knuckles Mountain Range. This is believed to be thousands of years old. Over the years this cave network has become the home to hundreds and thousands of bats. It aptly gets its name from the large deposits of bats which contain nitrate. In the past, these caves were mined as the deposits were used as a traditional raw material to produce gunpowder. Today a visit to these caves will make you feel like you’ve traversed into a different dimension, a different world, which is intriguing and mysterious.

Start your adventure from the village of Thangappuwa. Begin with an approx. 1.5 hours safari to the start of the trek. On the way, we take a break to catch a stunning view of Lakegala Rock from a picturesque location. We continue our journey passing through the Corbet’s Gap, which is one of the windiest areas in Sri Lanka. After passing a few quirky villages we enter the town of Meemure where we get off the jeep and start our trek to the entrance of the cave.

The climb as we enter the caves is very steep. As we make our way deeper into the cave, we will slowly sink into the soil of deposits, when we start hearing the bat swarms up ahead. We finally encounter the bats as they start to flutter in excitement because of our arrival. After enjoying the moment, we slowly exit the caves respecting the opportunity that mother nature has presented us.

We then walk to a petite waterfall a few meters away from the caves, where we clean up and enjoy a picnic brunch.

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