An Epic Kind of Nature Adventure!

An Epic Kind of Nature Adventure!

Olu Ella is in Kegalle District. It is home to the 6th tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka and the tallest waterfall in Kegalle. The Olu Ella Waterfall – 127 meters tall and 18 meters wide, is also nicknamed Sri Lankan Niagra Falls. To marvel at the cascading waterfall of Olu Ella, and to enjoy an unforgettable hike, you must get to Kandy. From there, take the Colombo – Kandy Road up to Yatiyanthota, passing Kadugannawa, Ussapitiya, Hettimulla, Bulathkohupitiya and Karawanella. Turn left at Pelampitiya Road and go down to find Olu Ella.

Our goal was to travel to Olu Ella, trek through scenic nature trails of the lush forests, and engage in some super cool out-door activities such as kayaking, abseiling and even rifle-shooting! The nature trail that lay before was rugged yet exciting. Picturesque surroundings everywhere you looked, it was absolutely breathtaking. We also had the incredible chance of camping in an all-natural cave next to a natural pool which was such a unique experience for everyone.

Bonding over a warm bonfire while being one with nature- it was perfect to say the least!

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