Reptile Group Expedition

Reptile Group Expedition

40628736_2106232223027283_7109409788261302272_nClassic Sri Lanka is Sri Lanka’s premier Wildlife Tour Operator, with deep knowledge and understanding about local ecology and biodiversity, which enables to cater to a wide range of interests and specialities.

Our annual group from the USA specializes in seeking and photographing the reptile diversity of our island, with a special interest in snakes.

Guided by expert herpetologists, this group travelled across 41510377_1839008246154121_1988951693525516288_nthe island, from the mangroves of Matara to the rainforests of Kitulgala and the dry zones of Mannar, seeking the rare, and elusive snakes and other reptiles found in Sri Lanka. The tour was a great success with encounters with some of the most sought after species of snakes including the iconic Russells Viper, Spectacled Cobra, Saw Scaled Viper, Green Pit Viper and both variants of the Hump Nosed Viper. Besides the snakes, the group also were lucky to see the endemic Rhino Horned Lizard and Pygmy Lizard as well as giant Salt Water Crocodiles in Matara.

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