New Species of Snakes Discovered in Knuckles, Sri Lanka!

New Species of Snakes Discovered in Knuckles, Sri Lanka!

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The incredible discovery of two new species of snakes was recently made by Mendis Wickremasinghe, in the Knuckles Mountain range, Sri Lanka. These two particular snake species (Aspidurai desilvai and Rhinophis gunasekarai), can only be found in Sri Lanka, and so they are said to be critically endangered.

Mendis Wickramasinghe is one of Sri Lanka’s leading herpetologist, who have been responsible for the discovery of a considerable number of species of reptiles and amphibians, including species that were believed to be extinct for more than a century. He gives us an interesting explanation about the nature and behaviour of these two new species, while also taking a moment to stress the importance of working tirelessly to re-discover more incredible wildlife and understanding the best ways to protect and preserve them. Check-out the video below, to learn more on this brilliant discovery!


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