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Perks of a Guided Holiday

Perks of a Guided Holiday

Backpacker trips are fabulous! Thrilling Adventures on your own! Getting lost on roads, and uncountable memories! But if you had the opportunity to travel with an agent, it probably would be your first option. Being honest, an agent holiday is not cheap, but the perks of the service is truly worth it!

Researchers believe that people who plan their holidays – more of being guided on their holidays – have better insight on their experiences in general. Let’s take a look at the 7 best things when traveling with an agent.

  1. Less Hassle with the Native Language

Communication is the most basic part of human nature. When travelling overseas, being aware of the Native language would be amazing! Most travel companies appoint multi-lingual guides, who are also locals. They would help you with directions, purchasing at local stores and they pretty much know what they are doing. Even if you wish to set out on a solo adventure, you can freely roam the streets knowing that you have your experienced agent just one call away. You could even learn the native language if you interested.

  1. Convenient Transportation

It is important to have your Transportation sorted prior to visiting a foreign land. Especially if the native language is far from your comfort zone, sorting your travel with an expert would help ease your worries. On a guided holiday, travel excursions are the least you need to worry about! Your agent would perfectly plan it for your convenience, so you can enjoy the rest of the adventure just as you hoped you would.

  1. Your Google Guide on Scene

Google GPS is great, but a personal guide who knows navigation more than Google would be ideal on a foreign vacation! That’s where an agent becomes of value. Your Local guide will guide you on where to go, what to see and what to even experience. Some agents provide you sight on hidden untracked destinations which are off regular tourist hotspots and it will save you much Time as you will have an agenda to follow and less time getting lost on roads.

  1. Safety & Security

Safety comes prior to anything, especially a foreign vacation. On a guided holiday, your agent will know which places to go to have fun, which are ideal destinations for your family and kids to enjoy the holiday and besides, they’ll be 24/7 reachable if you need assistance. The biggest responsibility of an agent, is ‘Safety’, they make sure you are secured from start to end of your journey. Beginning with your Travel Insurance, to the food you eat at a local store, you’re secured. So you – and your family- can relax on the vacation.

  1. Crafting your own Customized Holiday

Agents are mostly known for their ready-made packages, hence why people prefer planning holidays on their own. However nowadays guides aim on providing Travel services based on customer requirements.

Customized Holidays are not about agents planning ‘for’ you, but planning it ‘with’ you by advising on the best experiences to gain on your vacation. A personal touch would be the ultimate cherry-on-top for a holiday!

  1. Get treated like a Royal

Who doesn’t desire to be treated like a Royal? Although we – like Lorde -convincingly denies it. A warm welcoming at the airport with a refreshment, comfortable travel arrangements, and a pampered holiday altogether is what makes your agent fee be worth it after all.

Apart from the Royal Experience, traveling with an agent also gives you the insight to all the places you’re planning on traveling to. Information booklets on historical destinations, cultural values and even souvenirs to take back home. So you can sit back and consider it the perfect trip.

  1. Your Agent Worldwide

Most travel agents are based in one country. However there are few agent organizations which are known as Destination Management Companies. They are specialized in connecting you to the best service providers, event coordinators or holiday makers in the country and worldwide. So your next trip is swiftly sorted. That way, you get to save a lot of your time, energy and money and still be pampered with the same extraordinary services as before.

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