A Visit to Little England…

A Visit to Little England…

Nestled in the highlands of Sri Lanka, ‘Little England’ is an apt definition for its name. Sri Lanka is well known for the sunny golden coasts, wilderness and the urban cities but the hills usually go unrecognized. What is to be seen in Nuwara Eliya is not just hills and estates but a whole different culture and lifestyle that every traveler needs to experience on their visit.

Some of the popular sites including Gregory’s Lake, Victoria Park and the Botanical Gardens are packed with visitors, but here are 7 unique underrated yet fun activities you could also do in Nuwara Eliya.

Visit the Winter Market

Yes. Christmas markets do exist in Sri Lanka, all year around. The Bale Bazaar in Nuwara Eliya is a mini Colombo fort where you could find gifts, shoes, and winter clothing hence why it’s called the Winter Market. This place is swamped with locals who are travelling abroad and tourists who didn’t prepare for the cold Sri Lankan weather. You can purchase quality sweaters, muffs and coats for affordable prices.


Head over to the post office

If you’re in to vintage architectures and sites, Nuwara Eliya is the perfect location for you. The area is home to a number of Victorian villas which were built during the British power. Placing more preference to the truly highlighting Post office which is also a designated archeological monument – (bucket list completed) – this Tudor-looking Victorian architectural manor was built in 1894. Being one of the nation’s oldest post offices, the building was featured on a stamp too back in 1990. Worth it after all.


Visit the Ambewela Farm

We all love dairy products. Creams, cheese and all flavoured milks which are initially processed here. Sri Lanka’s largest and most renowned dairy farm, ‘Ambewela’ is located in the suburbs of Nuwara Eliya with rolling hills emerging at your sight, vibrant carpets of greens where milk cows roam in grace within the vast lands. The whole experience is marvelous as visitors are also given the chance to witness and help milk cows and even see the playful calves in the nursery. And of course enjoy a glass of freshly poured milk.


Serene Golfing

Introduced by the British to Sri Lanka around the 19th Century, Golf has been a renowned sport within the respected high class societies in Sri Lanka. To experience it in original, one should engage in a game or two in one of Asia’s oldest Golf Clubs, ‘The Nuwara Eliya Golf Club’. This 18-hole course is 6399 yards long and is made up of long, narrow fairways, bordered by rows of towering eucalyptus trees and elegant cypresses, held together by dense acacia shrubbery.


Join the Elitists at Horse racing

Full suits and fancy hats, Horse racing has always been an event for the elitists, where they would arrive in fashion engaging in leisurely conversations among their friends and of course, watch horse racing. If you happen to be around the Nuwara Eliya County during an event, you could visit and be a part of the whole ceremony. Besides, you could even ride a horse or a pony.

The Royal Turf Club in Nuwara Eliya is a renowned place for horse racing where people from all over the world would visit.


Set off on a Strawberry Adventure

Who doesn’t love strawberries? They go with anything! Name it, you know it! There are some of the most tantalizing dishes you’ll find in ‘Little England’ which are made out of Strawberries. Pancakes and chocolate coated ones are beyond compare. While you’re at it, remember to take a stroll in a Strawberry field and enjoy a freshly made strawberry dish with your loved ones.



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