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10 reasons why Sri Lanka should be your Next Holiday

10 reasons why Sri Lanka should be your Next Holiday

Blessed with the best, Sri Lanka is the real holiday deal. While the little island is a coastal paradise, the endless charming hill country and the seemingly vast nature is incomparable. Not to forget that Sri Lanka offers much more adventure apart from the regular relaxation getaway.

These are some real good, quick – convincing reasons to why you should visit Sri Lanka on your next Holiday.

  1. Beaches of course…

How can we not miss? The beaches are always the highlight of this tropical island. Southern coast with the dazzling nightlife and East coast with the hidden intimacy, beach life in Sri Lanka is the highest rated for tourism. Plus, don’t forget about the tan. Who wouldn’t want a healthy skin glow on their vacation!

  1. Food of a lifetime

Sri Lankan food are a fresh breath of diversity. We have not only the yummiest delicacies, but a whole range of dishes that differ from area to culture.

However you would find some common delights on the streets of Sri Lanka, which are quite unique. Such as the Typical-beach Snack, “Isso Wade”, the famous “Kottu’ and the coconut milk crepe, “Aappa” (aka Hoppers). Make sure to taste these while on your vacation.

  1. Exploring the Wilderness

Wildlife is a solid reason to visit Sri Lanka. Famous for sightings of Elephants, Leopards and Bears, the island’s wilderness is one of its best features. National Parks such as Wilpattu, Yala and Minneriya habitats number of exotic animal species in Sri Lanka.

It would be totally worth it to hop on a furry adventure safari to explore Sri Lanka’s Nature & wildlife. Remember to get your cameras and binoculars ready at all times. You might come across a perfect angle and not know until you see it.

  1. Adventure seeker’s paradise

Adventures go limitless in this little island. If you are a tropical adventure seeker, Sri Lanka is the perfect destination. The highland is just ideal for a tea plantation Hike and the backdrop from top is magnificently scenic.

Apart from the hill country adventures, Trekking the Adam’s Peak is simply amazing, Hot air ballooning and White water rafting are some other great adventures you can experience while here.

For the sea lovers, Sri Lanka is a paradise of Surfing, Snorkeling and other fun water activities such as Hikkaduwa Coral Reef tours and North East Whale and Dolphin watching.

  1. Cultural and Historic Beauty

Surrounded by a number of World heritage sites, Sri Lanka is one of the most diversely rich countries in the world. The cultural triangle located in the North Central and highlands is a major tourist attraction, and is a renowned hotspot for History and Culture. Ancient Kingdoms such as Anuradhapura, Polonnanruwa, Sigiriya and the cultural-eye ‘Temple of the Tooth’ in Kandy are the highlights of it.

The Grand Kandyan Esala Perehera takes place around July/August and is one of the most admired cultural experiences one could gain in this wonderful island.

  1. The Sigiri Fortress

The Rock Fortress, Sigiriya is one of Sri Lanka’s most popular historical monuments. Although considered as a part of the Anuradhapura Kingdom, Sigiriya is located in Dambulla North Central province of Sri Lanka, and the reason weaves around a dramatic historical plot of the Sigiriya Kingdom.

A warm Mid-day could be a bit humid for rock-climbing so it is advised to begin your journey in the morning to reach the mighty height by noon.

  1. “Little England”

During the British Colonial Era, all the Elites and the governors had their special little haven where they would visit for fun games of golf, cricket and relaxation. To a place that resembled home and they would call it ‘Little England’ also known as Nuwara Eliya.

The Highlands are the most elegantly supreme destinations of all time. Known as ‘Little England’, the hill side interior city Nuwara Eliya is simply eye catching with its stunning Victorian architectural bungalows, perfect backdrop sceneries and a chilly cozy climate that adds up to it.

  1. Urban city and glamour

Sri Lanka is not only been proved its beauty by beaches and hills, the urban part of the city is dazzling and lively as usual. Blooming with malls, busy roads, chic fashion stores and street food by the shores, the urban atmosphere is lively all day.

A walk around the urban street is perfect for a glimpse of Sri Lankan lifestyle and the real essence of an adventurous journey.

  1. Ayurvedha wellness and Tea

Traditionally known for the healing and soothing power, Ayurvedha Therapy has its roots going back for more than 2500 years. It’s known for not only curing ailments but also for reliefs and relaxation as well. All you need after a long tiring day, is a good Ayurvedha therapy dose to sooth yourself to sleep.

To make the experience perfect, a warm aromatic cup of tea be the last piece of the puzzle. Ceylon tea is a unique portion of comfort and joy. Remember to taste the best of it while on your vacation.

  1. Night as Live as Day

Many wonder where to get their party fever unleashed on a vacation. Sri Lanka proudly presents its vibrant night-life kick. The urban Colombo is the hub for Life just as the inviting South coast with its sunset beach parties and undying nightlife.

If you are a daring adventurer, a wildlife enthusiast, a beach lover or even a Hill Country explorer, Sri Lanka is the perfect choice!


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