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Madu Ganga River Safari, Balapitiya

Madu Ganga River Safari, Balapitiya

The Madu Ganga boat ride takes you through the estuary of the river which comprises of dense mangrove forests and 64 islands. A variety of birdlife can be seen which include several species of Herons, Bitterns, Kingfishers, Cormorants and birds of prey along with troops of Toque Macaques and Bengal Water Monitors where fully grown specimens can get to over 6 feet in length. One of the islands has a Buddhist monastery which is decorated with some sculptures and art work, the highlight being a 150 year old book made of palm leaves. You can see the local villagers extract cinnamon oil from the trees. If traveling in the early evening, you may also see the prawn fishermen at work in their canoes lighting lanterns in order to attract the shellfish towards their traps. The duration of the boat safari is around 2 hours.

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